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Welcome to YogaSix

Each studio is a locally owned and operated franchise location. We offer 6 different class types from hot and powerful to slow and mindful. We also offer beginner classes and sculpt classes. Our teachers have been trained in the YogaSix methodology to provide a consistent but creative experience for each class type every time. They teach in a way that is easy for everyone to follow and understand. Our expert staff will help you find the right class to help you achieve your goals.

Xponential Fitness

YogaSix is a part of Xponential Fitness, a leading global franchisor of health and wellness brands across a variety of verticals, including pilates, barre, cycling, dance, yoga, boxing, strength training, stretching, and metabolic health. Founded in 2017, Xponential has 3000+ global locations and was formed with the mission to make boutique health and wellness accessible to everyone.
Xponential Fitness

Together We Rise

We believe that everyone deserves the mind-body experience of yoga. We believe we can all grow, becoming better together. We believe in a world of inclusion and acceptance of each other. Whether you’re connecting to the rhythm of your breath or working up to the edge of your fitness level in class, there is always something new to discover about yourself. Begin a regular practice with us at YogaSix and allow the transformation to begin. Tap into the intelligence of your body, and unlock your full potential.

Trust the Science

Our yoga and fitness classes address the complete needs of your body in movement and intensity to conquer plateaus, continually progress, and repair itself.

Join Our Community
Yoga is a personal practice but at YogaSix we believe it's shared together with a community that uplifts each other and supports progression, both on and off the mat.
Enjoy Your Space
We’re taking the proper precautions to assure everyone feels safe coming to class. Classes have been modified to ensure maximum time to clean for you to continue practicing throughout the day.

Six Class Types

We believe that everyone deserves the mind-body experience of yoga. By connecting you to a  practice that is energizing, empowering, and fun. We deliver life-enhancing benefits through our six core classes: Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power, and Y6 Sculpt & Flow.


Teacher Training

A journey that will forever transform your practice, on and off the mat. Now offering online Y6 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING sessions. 


Opportunities at YogaSix

Own a studio

Yoga is a mental practice as much as it is physical. Our yoga and fitness classes allow our members to define their own success, from one day to the next - to customize their practice. We help members connect to themselves in a way that is energizing, empowering, and fun. With an established and loyal following, YogaSix is a modernized yoga brand that promotes accessibility and is poised for nationwide adoption. Build an empowered, connected and welcoming community well beyond your studio walls.