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The YogaSix 300 Hour Teacher Training consists of 9 modules, that are divided into three sections. As all cycles, or vinyasas, have a beginning, a middle, and an end, so does our program. 

Space is extremely limited. Registering for a call does not guarantee your acceptance into this run of the program.

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What is this 300-hour teacher training all about? 

There is a difference between learning yoga and learning how to teach yoga. While our program certainly honors and explores the depths of yoga philosophy, our focus is on teaching yoga. While many people sign up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn how to teach, or to simply dive deeper into yoga, this 300 hour professional program is designed for yoga teachers looking to refine and develop their craft. Through the 9 different modules, you will assess Where You Are, decide Where You Want to Go, and plan How You're Going to Get There. Because a sustainable, rewarding, and enriching career in yoga IS possible, and we are committed to helping you get there.


What makes this training different from other 300 hour teacher trainings on the market? 

You may have noticed a flood of advanced trainings hitting the market recently. Many of them are designed to quickly 'check the box' of an advanced certification in order to be able to stay compliant with Yoga Alliance's updated lead facilitator training standards going into effect in 2022. Our program will do far more than just check the box. We have spent over a year developing the content, materials, and delivery to ensure that our participants truly grow in their profession. It is fully interactive, live, and engaging. 


Can an online/virtual training capture the magic of an in-person experience? 

We are happy to report, YES! When we created this program, we worked with instructional designers to make sure we could produce the same incredible teachers that our in-person trainings are known for, using an online medium for instruction. 

It's impossible to recreate the personal connections that develop when trainings are in-person, but we're confident trainees will build meaningful relationships during mentoring groups, breakout rooms, group projects, and one-on-one meetings with facilitators. 


Is this training approved by Yoga Alliance? Even the virtual program? 

Yes! YogaSix is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Reviews for our program can be found here


Are there any prerequisites to do the program? 

You have to have graduated from a 200 hour teacher training program. Upon registration, you will receive the course syllabus and suggested readings. 


Do I have to have done my 200 hour through YogaSix? Do I have to currently teach a YogaSix location to do the program? 

Nope and nope! We welcome in teachers from a variety of backgrounds, as long as they are committed to growth, reflection, and being in the conversation.


Does completion of this program guarantee me employment? 

As confident as we are in our ability to support your growth and skillset, we cannot guarantee employment. 


Will I be able to teach at studios that are not YogaSix studios? 

Absolutely! Our 300HR Yoga Teacher Training is recognized by Yoga Alliance. Our program is well respected within the yoga community and teachers from our program are sought after. Our graduates have gone on to teach at countless yoga studios, gyms, resorts, as well as work with corporate & private clients. 


What if I miss a session? Am I able to make it up at a later date? 

Group learning is one of the many gifts that a training offers. While it is impossible to recreate a moment in time or a session that is missed, we understand that life happens, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up. Each student can miss 15 hours of the 300 hour yoga training program. All missed hours must be made up, and missing up to 15 hours is included in the cost of the program. If more than 15 hours of training are missed, the student must schedule makeup with one of the lead facilitators at a rate of $50 per hour to graduate from the program. Students must contact the program director before the weekend which they will be missing. No more than 30 hours in total can be missed across the program. 


Do I have to be an advanced teacher to take the training? 

No, though some experience teaching outside of your initial teacher training will be extremely beneficial. After all, you have something to reflect upon. The training is about diving deeper into the study and practice of yoga, as well as the skills needed to be an amazing teacher. It doesn't matter if you've been teaching for 1 year or 20, in this program, you'll find a supportive environment where teachers and facilitators challenge one another to grow and celebrate success. 


Do the 300 hours of training happen within all the weekends and immersions?

The program is broken down into requirements by Yoga Alliance. Each program is made up of approximately 220 live hours including lectures, asana labs and practice with the lead trainers. To make the most of the live lessons, home study is assigned for each module. Trainees typically spend an average of 5 hours per/module on self-guided home study and projects. 


Are payment plans available? 

Yes! You pay in full or break the tuition up into as many as 10 monthly payments. 


What's included with my tuition? 

6 months of Xponential+ On-Demand streaming is included with your tuition. You will also receive a comprehensive trainee manual, and access to our state-of-the are online learning platform. Upon graduation of the program, you will be invited to a 6 month monthly coaching call with the Director of Eduction at YogaSix and special guest speakers. 


What's not included with my tuition? 

There are several required texts that are required for home study assignments. Additionally, it is recommended that you secure two yoga blocks, one bolster, and one yoga strap for the training as well.


Is there a deposit? What is the refund policy?

Because space is limited, we do consider the first $1,000 paid to be your initial deposit. If you cancel fifteen (15) days or more before the start of the program, you will forfeit $500 of the deposit and the remaining balance paid will be refunded. If you cancel 1-14 days before the start of the program, you will forfeit $1,000 of the deposit and the remaining balance will be refunded. No refunds are available once the program begins, and future scheduled payments must be completed. 


Will I regret taking the leap and signing up? 

No, you wont. We can't wait to support you in your journey. 





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Help members connect to themselves in a way that is energizing, empowering, and fun.


We're proud to say that our Yoga Teacher Trainings holds a 5-star rating from Yoga Alliance, so you can trust our yoga certification program to be of the highest quality, with a consistent approach and well-qualified master trainers. Yoga Alliance only includes a school as a Registered Yoga School when its Yoga Teacher Training program meets clear, predetermined criteria. 



 While our 200 Hour YTT helps map where you are in your yoga journey, our 300 Hour YTT helps you map where you want to go in your yoga career. Learn the tools necessary to teach exceptional vinyasa-style yoga classes, and also support you in showing up with authentic passion in all areas of your life, on and off the mat at YOGASIX.



Help members connect to themselves in a way that is energizing, empowering and fun.



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